About Lakeside

Lakeside Olympics! Gold medals made with cookies and fruit by the foot! ...

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A beehive of activity at Geared to Golf Performance Center. ...

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Our new lockers are a big hit at Lakeside! ...

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Thanks Lakeside families for donating gift cards to the Covenant House! ...

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Thanks to all the Lakeside families and friends and The Barn EPC's staff and patrons for donating to the Durham Regional Police Service's Food and Toy Drive! ...

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Welcome to Lakeside Academy!

Lakeside Academy is a dynamic private school for student-athletes. Our enriched French and English curriculum combines the lessons learned in the classroom with our students’ passion for sports through our core principles: Leadership, Education, Athletics, and Fellowship.

Our enriched learning environment highlights:

  • Experienced bilingual teachers certified by the Ontario College of Teachers
  • Daily communication between parents, students, teachers, and instructors
  • A real-time e-platform that shares progress reports, homework, assignments, due dates, and communications
  • A curriculum that is customized for each student
  • Small, technology enriched classrooms ensures that students receive ONE-on-ONE instruction
  • Professional coaching, instruction and mentorship
  • Our L.E.A.F. mission (Leadership, Education, Athletics, and Fellowship)
  • Access to athletic training facilities, outdoor activities, and nature and wildlife parks.
  • Partners with The Barn – Elite Performance Centre expands our athletic program to include lacrosse, soccer, strengthening and conditioning, hockey goalie school, and access to a nutrition center.



Our core principles: L.E.A.F.

Leadership: As role models, our staff demonstrates leadership by setting clear and consistent expectations; relentlessly reflecting and improving on teaching and learning; rigorously evaluating and tracking progress; cultivating student-parent-teacher-instructor engagement; and empowering students to excel.

Education: Small, technology enriched classrooms inspires our students to explore, dream and discover their passion and talent. The Ontario Curriculum is delivered in French and English by OCT certified teachers through our blended learning platform, which combines active, face-to-face learning and online activities, resources and communication.

Athletics: Our athletic program compliments our academic program so that we develop the “whole student.” Leadership and fellowship, for instance, are skills that are reinforced in the arena, on the pitch, and in the classroom. Our highly qualified instructors have extensive experience training and educating well rounded athletes.

Fellowship: We foster a culture of students supporting each other. Peer support combined with community outreach enhances a sense of belonging and interdependence that extends beyond the classroom and cultivates our students’ confidence, pride and self-esteem.